Weigh the words carefully Tuesday, September 6, 2005
Peter C.S. Adams, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
Tuesday's article "Social service opponents going too far?" was disturbing.  It appears that SMOC's Jim Cuddy was misleading the Framingham Selectmen when he claimed he sent a photo of a burnt body as a threat.  We now know it was just a pamphlet protesting illegal immigration.

This isn't the first time Cuddy has misled the Board:  this summer he refused to appear before them, telling them he would be unavailable until after Labor Day.  We now know that he was available:  he met with the Millbury Selectmen, with the MetroWest Daily News editorial board, and now he has met -- in private -- with a Board subcommittee.

People need to weigh Mr. Cuddy's words very carefully.

Second, Thursday's editorial "Beyond a toothless 'moratorium"' was correct that a moratorium would have no legal force, but completely wrong in the implications of this.  Town Meeting asked the Board of Selectmen to vote for a moratorium on "any additional social service facilities" until the PILOT committee's work is complete.  The comment that this would mean "no new names of disabled and homebound residents be added to the meals-on-wheels routes" was absurd.  Meals on Wheels is an existing program and therefore unaffected by the proposed moratorium.

The editorial also completely missed the point of the Worcester "moratorium":  SMOC's willingness to halt its activities in Worcester and refusal to even meet with Framingham Board of Selectmen in public shows what little regard it has for Framingham and its citizens.

SMOC should show more respect.

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