Questions to ask Jim Cuddy
  1. How many school aged children live in tax exempt SMOC facilities in Framingham?

    Can this be broken down by facility?

    Each school aged child in a SMOC facility becomes a $13,000 a year educational burden to the Framingham taxpayer.  What does SMOC think of imposing this financial burden on the Framingham taxpayers?

    This burden to the taxpayer is merely a very costly side effect of your main mission.

    Your annual report makes no mention of this financial burden. Why not?

  2. How many school aged children who live in tax exempt SMOC facilities are SPED students in the Framingham public schools?

    SPED students are paid for by the town they come from.  How long does the originating town pay for the student once the student moves into a tax-exempt SMOC facility in Framingham?

  3. Do you consider the school aged children in your tax-exempt properties to be a large unfunded mandate to the Framingham taxpayers?

  4. How many SMOC clients (customers) came from outside Framingham in your last fiscal year?  I acknowledge that they become Framingham residents, but quite a number come from outside of Framingham.

  5. What happens to a woman who spends her allocated time attempting to recover from drug addiction at 517 Winter street but fails (to be educated by SMOC)? How does SMOC handle recidivism?

    Does she move thru different SMOC facilities?  Or end up at MCI Framingham and then back thru the SMOC cycle? Where does it end for any given individual?

    Your annual report does not cover this aspect of your treatment but there are references to a continuum of care.

    I think the Framingham taxpayers would be fascinated with your response.

  6. Have any school-aged children living in tax-exempt SMOC facilities become clients of SMOC?

  7. How many apartments in Framingham are paid for in part or fully by Section 8 vouchers provided thru SMOC?

    How long can someone live on Section 8 vouchers?  Is there a maximum lifetime range, like 25 years?

  8. How many facilities does SMOC lease in Framingham?

  9. When SMOC allows someone to stay in their facilities, in Framingham, are any questions asked like "Have you been in prison for any murders, rapes, child molestations, doing bodily harm to others, beating up senior citizens, etc ? In essence, can some seriously dangerous people be introduced into the community thru SMOC shelters?

    What procedures does SMOC use to verify that Level 3 sex offenders are not staying at SMOC facilities? Just asking them?

  10. What is the ratio of children with alchohol or cocaine fetal syndrome in the general population and in SMOC's population?

  11. How many employees of SMOC make over $80,000?

  12. How many certified instructors does SMOC have for teaching purposes?

    Who certified them?

    How many courses are taught at SMOC?

    How frequently are these courses taught.

    Please provide the course name and outlines if there are any?

    Are any grants being used for the Sage House been targetted for educational use?

    SMOC attorney Jim Hanrahan has applied the definition of education from Webster's dictionary.  Here are a few definitions....

    1. The act or process of educating or being educated.
    2. The knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process.
    3. A program of instruction of a specified kind or level: driver education; a college education.
    4. The field of study that is concerned with the pedagogy of teaching and learning.
    5. An instructive or enlightening experience: Her work in the inner city was a real education.

    I claim that if we use these definitions, any house in Framingham that has a child who is being raised by one or more parents thus becomes a tax exempt facility.  Since I occasionally take courses to keep pace with the technical world, and I use my house to read, and do homework, my house should be tax exempt. I will be delighted to show you my 100+ O'Reilly books.

    I'd like to make the claim that I learn more new technical information per day than all the residents of the Sage House put together.

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