Murphy jumps gun on tax issue Thursday, February 23, 2006
Laurie Lee Metrowest Daily News
Sunday's MetroWest Daily News quoted Katie Murphy as saying, "It is unrealistic to expect them (social services) to contribute payments in lieu of taxes, something for which many people are clamoring" ("Social services a hot button," Feb. 19).

This is an astonishing statement from the chair of the Board of Selectman.  It is this board who commissioned the PILOT committee to research the feasibility of such a PILOT program.  As clerk of this committee, I can say that we have been working diligently to determine if such a request is not only realistic but consistent with the needs of Framingham.  Our stated goal of presenting our findings in time for spring town meeting is on track.  I find it a blow to read the chair speaking so prematurely and intemperately on the topic of our charter.

This type of thinking has contributed to Framingham's historical failure to recognize and oversee the growth of social services in our community, and may cloud efforts to do so in the future.  Her claim of being the only candidate with "a long, long record of identifying the problem, figuring out what to do about it" smacks of being "just the rhetoric."

For Framingham to make changes, we need to change our attitudes.

I have heard this message clearly from government officials and state agencies.  We need to approach all situations from the perspective of Framingham's needs.  We cannot expect the social service agencies or the state to represent us.  Ms. Murphy's statements are an unfortunate and untimely capitulation on this important issue.

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