SMOC contract tells story Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Janet Leombruno, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
I am responding to Dave McLaughlin’s article regarding SMOC's contract with the Dept. of Corrections placing criminals in Framingham ("SMOC has deal to place ex-cons," Dec. 31).

I heard about this contract a few weeks ago and I'm quite concerned of its effect on Framingham.  It seems to be some what of an instructional manual to find housing for the hardest to place criminals.  Why are we surprised they end up in Framingham?

It seems we have SMOC to thank for that.

I am sick and tired of hearing that SMOC helps many others, too.  We know that.  We have no problem with that.  I am just done with helping criminals and drug addicts find loopholes in the ADA and other such laws meant to help people with real disabilities.

People with real disabilities have a hard enough time finding suitable housing and services as it is.  They shouldn't have to compete with able bodied people and criminals as well.

SMOC has to be accountable and listen to the majority of Framingham residents.  It is quite clear they have no intentions of doing that.

After seeing that the contract is worth $891,000, I can see why.

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