An FYI to SMOC Thursday, November 22, 2007
John McCabe, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
This message is to let you (SMOC) know that I do not appreciate, nor do most of Framingham's residents, having our tax dollars potentially wasted as a result of your ridiculous lawsuit which would have been, more appropriately, filed by the town against SMOC.

Yes, your work is important and necessary, but you should not be without limitations in your efforts to do good.  And remember, it is not your money you are spending here, but rather, in one form or another, our tax dollars.

Although I would hope that it would not come to this, should you persist in your suit, I would highly recommend that a citizen's fund be established to fund defending the town and our representatives named in the suit and I would be one of the first to contribute.

Whatever animosity existed in town toward SMOC before this threatened lawsuit, I can assure you, has increased substantially since then.

On another related and very important issue, SMOC's apparent ability to move into neighborhoods and set up another "shop," no matter how noble the cause, and without consideration of the neighborhood or its owners' property values, is simply wrong.

A much more simplistic and acceptable approach would be to make sure these shops are located in a non-residential or more rural neighborhood; or, if necessary to be in such a residential neighborhood, to reimburse the existing surrounding property owners for a determinable and real loss in resale value of their properties as may be determined by an independent appraiser.

That would only be fair and would certainly give SMOC second thoughts about where it would locate its next shop.

Oh yes, and SMOC, how about relocating in some other towns, just to be fair, and to spread the good works so that all communities can feel good about themselves?

There is no doubt that your efforts are commendable and should be encouraged; but you, SMOC, must remember that we, the citizens, are your true benefactors and you would not exist without us.  Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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