Neighbors deserve a voice August 12, 2005
Dana McMaster Metrowest Daily News
I am writing in response to the front page article in the Saturday MWDN, "Anger' s not the answer."  The remark by Mr. Cuddy of SMOC that he attempted to contact the neighbors "attempt after attempt" couldn't be more from the truth.

Truth be told, SMOC purchased the property at 517 Winter St. with no public discourse or notification whatsoever.  It was only after employees of the former nursing home at that address were fired was the information leaked that SMOC would be purchasing this property and moving up to 15 drug-dependent mothers and their children into this small peaceful neighborhood at taxpayer expense.

SMOC refused to return calls from concerned neighbors and twice refused to meet with the Board of Selectmen regarding their purchase of the property at 517 Winter St.  Only after bad press and pressure from STEPPS did Mr. Cuddy and SMOC send letters to a few select neighbors to meet in their homes to discuss the project.  Mr. Cuddy's statement that "you can't have civil discourse with Winter Street" neighbors is ludicrous.

Civil discourse?  How about no discourse at all on the part of Mr. Cuddy and SMOC.  I am asking that the MetroWest Daily News present the viewpoint of the Framingham residents who will be most affected by the presence of this facility.  Invite the members of the STEPPS to provide a rebuttal to the statements of Mr. Cuddy and Mr. Masi, and print it on the front page as you so kindly provided for SMOC and Wayside.

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