A zoning process subverted Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Tom O'Neil, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
This is a reply to the MWDN front page story of 7/30/05.  The real anger is within the social service industry, not our neighborhoods. If Masi, Taylor and Cuddy respected the system they would have responded to the Board of Selectmen.  Instead they refused to appear at a meeting to discuss their impact on the town.

Certainly, we object to the intrusion of a 60,000 square foot commercial building being placed in our neighborhood on land zoned R-1 Single Family Residential.  Are we supposed to accept their project with open arms and watch the value of our homes go down while our taxes go up -- taxes they do not pay?

Wayside was looking for 20 acres and they settled on the cheap for 6 1/2 acres for their commercial building on land that is filled with "construction debris."  That is illegal by the Conservation bylaw "order of conditions."  Will they discuss that in an open meeting?  They plan to subvert the process and slip everything through under the Dover Amendment.

Mr. Masi says he will support the change in our zoning bylaw on August 3 so long as it does not give the Planning Board any power over any social service.  Perhaps the Planning Board will have some control when they perform their review in the future.

The bylaw being considered by Town Meeting is no certain cure, but it's worth a try.

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