Checking up on SMOC Monday, Novermber 7, 2005
Jack Prindiville, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
Steve Orr and Andy Limeri are to be commended for taking the time to inspect the notorious SMOC wet shelter at 105 Irving St. on behalf of Framingham's citizens and taxpayers.  If they had showed up intoxicated or high on drugs, they would have been received without incident and could have proceeded with their inspection.  As this is a taxpayer-funded facility open to the public, why can't they enter the place even if they are sober?

What is the big fuss?  This place, other social service facilities, and their "clients" are the source of a lot of the crime in the downtown area.  It is important that our representatives have a clearer idea what is going on in our community.  Besides the crime, the presence of these facilities has led to the deterioration of accepted social and economic norms in the surrounding area.  This has led to the abandonment of the downtown by local businesses and the replacement of these businessses by persons who -- in many cases -- are not in this country legally.

The ensuing criminality and the social and economic decay of a once proud commercial area are worthy of up close attention by our representatives.

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