More than enough Saturday, June 24, 2006
Frances Rose, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
SMOC has 60-plus facilities in Framingham and now it has proposed housing for the homeless on Winter Street, right in the heart of the residential area.  It is a drawing card that could bring more homeless to the area; more illegals can flock over the borders and head for Framingham, a bottomless pit.  Another proposal is for a free medical clinic, another drawing card.

Some housed in SMOC facilities are a threat to society; some have violated the code of ethics, whether with drugs, alcohol or criminal offenses.  Why should these facilities be planted in our backyards, causing longtime residents to uproot and leave the area?

Sticking our heads in the sand will not make it go away.  Winter Street residents don't want to have to ensure their doors are locked and bolted.

Town management should take a long look at where the town is heading.  There comes a point when enough is more than enough.

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