Holmes wrong Monday, July 31, 2006
Frances Rose, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
In reference to Rick Holmes' column ("Homes for the homeless," July 16), it's easy to solve the insoluble problem of SMOC facilities and the homeless if you don't live right next door to the future proposed site on Winter Street, right in your own back yard.

Framingham has become a dumping ground and a temporary cure for the homeless.

The town has had more than its share in the past, and at this point the local residents agree with Selectmen Chairman Dennis Giombetti, "Homelessness is a regional problem that should have regional solutions."

Every town should become involved. Framingham has 60-plus SMOC facilities while other towns have four to six facilities while still others have none.  A Sherborn mansion sounds ideal for a homeless program.  Fresh air away from the polluted city.  Public transportation can always be arranged.

Homelessness and crime and the flow of illegals escalate non-stop with the economy and taxpaying citizens struggling to make ends meet, there is no relief in sight for them.

It's time for all to join hands and become involved.  There is no class distinction.  When one has a loaf of bread, one breaks off a morsel to give to the needy.

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