Respect existing residents Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Enzo Rotatori Metrowest Daily News
The August 26 guest column by William J. Taylor, president and CEO of Advocates, Inc., titled "Human services moratorium a civil rights violation?" implies a federal civil rights lawsuit regarding a moratorium of social services in Framingham.

The overwhelming number of social service agencies in our town is way above that of any of our surrounding towns.  There are 350 other cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from which you can select to place your next support facility.

The cost effectiveness of centralizing social services is appealing to management of these organizations.  It does not respect the quality of life of existing residents.

The temporary moratorium for which Framingham Town Meeting members voted favorably is reasonable since a committee has been impaneled by selectmen and town moderator to study various aspects of social service agencies and their impact on the town.

There is no question regarding the need for services provided by social agencies.  The majority of Framingham residents want to stop agencies from making our town a hub for surrounding communities.

Is it really necessary for some social service agencies to advertise their availability on a Web site to attract clients form adjoining states as well as from across the country?  One might think that we have enough local clients for these agencies to care for.

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