SMOC invades neighborhood Thursday, June 30, 2005
H. I. Silverman, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
I am a concerned citizen, concerned for Framingham and the quality of life in Framingham where my family and I have lived for 40 years.

For years and at an increased pace, I have watched SMOC (South Middlesex Opportunity Council) take over town governance and exhibit an attitude of "Don't ask or challenge what I'm doing to this town - I'll do as I wish, when I wish and wherever I wish - taxpayers, property owners, homeowners and residents alike be damned."

Elected and appointed officials and especially selectmen appear impotent - fearful and unwilling to challenge the very obvious dismemberment of a town which was and should be a pleasant community in which to live.  SMOC has and continues to consume far more than its allotted share of properties and services.

This agency has begun invading and ripping apart comfortable quiet neighborhoods where you can still forget to lock doors at night and expect all to be OK in the a.m.  Unless this tax exempt "neighborhood killer" is controlled, Framingham will shortly be an address to be shunned by families who want a decent and safe environment for their children.

Failing vigorous, concerted action by selectmen, Zoning Board members, Board of Health and building inspector officials - residents would be justified to place their Framingham taxes into an escrow account to be held until the honest, hard working, longtime supporters of this community receive appropriate and effective protective action by our electors.  It is only fair - and morally correct.

(Jerry) Desilets, SMOC's outspoken planning director, has "warned" the town that any actions it might take are "illegal";  Analogy - I can walk into your front yard, your garage, your house and do what I wish, park my car, cook a meal, use your bathroom facilities, and you are impotent to do anything about it.  I thumb my nose at you.  You are only the taxpayer, whose taxes support whatever I want to do.

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