Enough SMOC is enough Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Janice Skelley Metrowest Daily News
I am one of many Framingham neighbors outraged over the purchase of the Framingham Nursing Home by SMOC, (South Middlesex Opportunity Council).  SMOC plans to convert 517 Winter St. into a homeless drug rehabilitation shelter.

In a June 6 column, Mr. (Rick) Holmes described Framingham residents as "selective in our outrage" about having a drug rehab in our neighborhood.  He stated that those in need "run into opposition from neighbors whose fear outweighs their knowledge. " Mr. Holmes appears to be lacking knowledge.  Our outrage comes from fact:  Framingham has 523 SMOC units, three times that of any community in Massachusetts and 44 percent of the statewide total of 1181. Our message is "Enough is enough."

He also stated, "Some of the folks complaining about the non-profits sound like they got lost south of Route 9...and suddenly discovered they don't live in Wellesley."

No one got lost.  Many of us live south of Route 9.  We're not Wellesley.  We're a great town that welcomes diversity and supports those in need more than any other community.

Our taxes should pay for Framingham students to ride the bus, or athletes to participate in sports without "paying to play."  Instead, we pay for SMOC residents from other towns and states to live here, attend our schools, and overload our police, fire, ambulance and hospital services.  What about our own Framingham residents?

Framingham has shown "more than it's share of generosity" and we are proud of it, but enough is enough.

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