SMOC doors wide open Monday, December 12, 2005 - Updated: 12:12 AM EST
Harold J. Wolfe, Framingham Metrowest Daily News
SMOC now claims that it is closing its doors to outsiders, but the claim seems to be somewhat limited to the 105 Irving St. facility.  What about all the other numerous SMOC facilities in Framingham?  Cuddy and Desilets had previously claimed that they served the community but had not told us of the many other communities they also serve, including those in other states.  I will assume that this is merely a temporary move to appease the community.

Gerard Desilets suddenly discovers that it seems inapparopriate for other social service agencies to dump people in Framingham. Was this a true religious revelation?  Halleluiah!  Why did a Framingham resident, think it was appropriate before?  Answer: He must not have cared about the community.

Jim Cuddy, our coercive utopian who heads SMOC is now telling us that residents of the Sage House should not be referred to as drug addicts.  The residents of 517 Winter St. are indeed drug addicts.  Why else would they be there?  Tell us again the purpose of the education program at 517 Winter St.?  Tell us about the courses that these drug addicts will take to make sure that they do not use drugs again.  What is the rate of recidivism in SMOC's sober houses?  My understanding is that it exceeds fifty percent.  In my terminology, that makes the Sage House a wet shelter.

Perhaps educating the public about recidivism might be in Jim’s future.

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