Health center would be a death blow Friday, February 24, 2006
Harold J. Wolfe Framingham Tab
When illegal aliens are encouraged to move to Framingham by Katie Murphy's Welcoming Proclamation, their children are offered FREE schooling in their native language and they get FREE emergency care at Framingham Union hospital.  Now we are contemplating sweetening the pot by opening a larger health center at 380 Waverly St., between the Chicken Bone Saloon and the Happy Swallow Bar offering FREE non-emergency health care.  If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free for illegals.

Without any constraints as to who they serve, the new larger health center will start a stampede of SMOC ne'er-do-wells and illegal aliens from surrounding communities into Framingham.  Brazilian citizenship is not an obstacle in getting free services in Framingham, better known in Governador Valadares, Brazil as Shangri-La or Nirvana.

The wet shelter, the new health center, the Salvation Army and re-opening the methadone clinic will be the four pillars of our community.  This is what Framingham will represent.

Approving the new health center will be the death blow to Framingham as a viable community and will signal that it's time to man the lifeboats.

Approval will also guarantee an agonizing death to the prospects of downtown revitalization now covered with thin veneer fly-by-night businesses like money transfer outfits and nail and hair salons.

We will also witness another surge in bilingual school enrollments.  This is an open-ended expense to Framingham taxpayers.  You have the right to not be stupid. If you give up that right...

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