How Framingham benefits from SMOC

How your income is redistributed to those people you would never have contributed to (unless you yourself were on drugs).

  • We get more drug addicts from out of town.
  • We get more alcoholics from out of town.
  • We get more mentally ill people from out of town.
  • SMOC pays for most Section 8 vouchers in Framingham. Most vouchers are not even for Framingham residents.
  • Is it just a coincidence that SMOC claims Framingham as its headquarters and sixty percent of MCI Framingham inmates are mentally ill? Where do you think they will go when they're released? They'll be on the carousel ride bouncing between SMOC's continuum of care and various MCI facilities.
  • Much higher taxes for the Framingham taxpayers as a mere side effect of their mission.

Over the years, Framingham will be filled with drug addicts, alcoholics, the mentally ill and all those who suffer from indolence.

One way to help us fight SMOC is to make sure that Katie Murphy is not re-elected to the Board of Selectman in this Spring election. Another way to treat SMOC's long range planner Gerard Desilets with great contempt. Make sure they do not feel welcome in your neighborhood.

Both Murphy and Desilets are crassly insensitive to the taxpayers and could not care less if you're driven into bankruptcy.

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