SMOC costs the Framingham taxpayers millions

STEPPS is throwing conniptions about having a wet shelter for drug addicts in a residential neighborhood which is a really bad move by SMOC. A wet shelter will decrease neighborhood security, and require more police services and perhaps endanger the children in the area.

But, please, let's not forget that this small microcosm of SMOC at 517 Winter Street will cost the Framingham taxpayers millions.

The facility will hold 15 women, where each woman may have 2 school age children. Let's speculate that 25 school aged children live with their mother at this new facility. Keep in mind that it is tax exempt so the town gets zero dollars from SMOC.

The single biggest budget item in Framingham is schools.  The current average cost per year for one student in the Framingham public schools is ten thousand dollars ($10,000). The 25 children will cost us $250,000 each year. Indexing this amount by 2 1/2 percent (the school costs are really escalating by 5% per year), the costs over a twenty year period will exceed $6 million just for this one SMOC facility.

Compare that $6 million cost to the tax losses from losing the nursing home. Combine the two, and we've lost close to $7 million in twenty years.

When you consider how many tax exempt facilities there are in Framingham run by SMOC, The Advocates, and other do-gooder organizations and when you count the school aged children that are living in these facilities, the education costs sky-rocket. The Framingham taxpayers are being robbed blind.

One fundamental question to ask of all these tax-exempt do-gooder organizations is how many school aged children reside in their facilities. This imposes a huge financial burden on the Framingham taxpayers.  The Framingham Board of Selectman are telling us that this is great for the community.

And of course, our much feared Framingham Taxpayers Association has no opinion on the matter as usual and couldn't muster an opinion if their lives depended on it..

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