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This guy clearly has remarkable clarity of thinking, whoever he is.

Here's two responses to his remarks...

Response 1

Response 2

STEPPS took this anonymous letter off their web site but I liked it so much, I posted it.  Anonymous viewpoints should be heard.

From: (anonymous)
Re: Framingham Nursing Home
Date: May 25, 2005

I have enjoyed reading the various postings made from both sides of the coin
on diverse issues but I feel strongly in sending this to you. I am writing
about the recent posting concerning the sale of the Framingham Nursing Home
to Mr. Cuddy and his organization.

All have made extremely valid points and as usual, the Town is powerless
against this giant because as authors have stated, the Town doesn't lose,
just the taxpayers. Our taxes increase with every purchase that SMOC makes,
our costs to the education budget increase with every student enrolled who
now list their home as Framingham (and a tremendous amount of so called
clients are not from Framingham -- they just enjoy these so called "free"
services Mr. Cuddy makes available to anyone literally in the United States)
and the neighborhoods receive serious quality of life issues and home
depreciation at the same time. A home and mortgage is the most major
investment any person can make but with the secrecy of confidentiality
clauses in purchase and sale agreements, it is typically too late for
homeowners to speak out and appeal to SMOC. And the worst part of this giant
is they don't pay a dime to offset the costs they have incurred to we the

I personally feel that SMOC has contributed to the entire downfall of
Framingham by bringing other communities? problem people to our town for the
mere sake of assisting SMOC to sustain themselves. If we were to be caring
for the townspeople of Framingham, I would be the first lined up to help.
But the people that SMOC delivers to our town are not Framingham people,
they are not desirable people and they are from area's well outside of here
and also from out of state.

Perhaps it is time to send a strong message that enough is enough. With all
of the neighbor complaints about the various SMOC properties, SMOC knows
with no questionable doubt that they have created havoc in the town and its
budget due to the costs associated with increased taxes, vocal opinions by
town management calling for override after override for repair of our basic
roadways and underground utilities such as water and sewer just to name a

I would love to know whether we can hold SMOC liable for the destruction of
the town budget where we as taxpayers have suffered. We have now had our
property taxes increased, our children charged money for simply riding the
school bus to school, our older students paying for parking just for driving
their cars to school, our school athletes paying more money for having the
pride to represent Framingham and Framingham High School because of SMOC
induced infiltration. We now have sex offenders calling their SMOC
residences home where they are unknown to most residents, convicted
criminals now in town where they are also unknown. Don't be fooled by what
Mr. Cuddy has brought to our town. With the 60 some odd properties Mr.
Cuddy's organization stated they owned as of 2002 and the other properties
his organization has purchased since then, it is time to introduce Mr. Cuddy
to Framingham residents. It is time for the people of Framingham to rise to
recoup what has been lost due to Mr. Cuddy's organization.

SMOC is a multi, multi million dollar organization just in owned
"charitable" Framingham property alone that needs to be taken to task for
what they have done to this town and more importantly, the tax paying
residents of this once great town. Town government, if the other authors are
correct, don't become affected because they can't stop them from buying
these properties and we the taxpayers have the bill to foot for Mr. Cuddy's
looting of our checkbooks. I truly believe that it is time for Framingham
residents to grab hold of their bootstraps, become educated in SMOC's
entities and take some decisive action to end this downward spiral before we
become so inundated by Mr. Cuddy that, as Mrs. Westwater called it, we
change all of the town signs to "SMOCingham". Bottom line, are there any
lawyers who think we, as town residents and town residents only, have a
potential class action lawsuit to recoup our losses based on the dynasty of
Mr. Cuddy's group destruction to my bank account and yours.

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