Steve Orr's Collection of SMOC Articles

Letters and Articles on SMOC
Danielle Ameden 508-626-4416 10/26/2010 LAWSUIT OVER: Framingham agrees to pay SMOC $1 million
Danielle Ameden 508-626-4416 10/05/2010 Framingham, SMOC to try mediation again
John Kahn 09/23/2010 Town Meeting's power limited
Frank Reilly, Framingham 09/17/2010 Town Meeting and SMOC suit
John Kahn 09/15/2010 SMOC v. Framingham: Cutting through the fog
John Kahn 09/14/2010 SMOC v. Framingham: Behind the judge's ruling
Rick Holmes 09/12/2010 Judge's plea: Settle the SMOC suit
Danielle Ameden 508-626-4416 09/10/2010 Judge denies Framingham's request to toss SMOC suit
Michael Mortonr 508-626-4338 08/20/2010 Ex-selectman Kahn urges ruling on SMOC lawsuit
David Riley 508-626-3919 07/30/2009 Judge says Framingham put pressure on SMOC
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 07/13/2009 SMOC offers to drop lawsuit against Framingham, with conditions attached
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 05/03/2009 Framingham finance officials want to keep SMOC lawsuit costs in check
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/30/2009 Framingham approves additional $350K to fight SMOC
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/29/2009 Framingham Town Meeting to discuss SMOC lawsuit tonight
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/28/2009 SMOC, town urged to 'get grasp on reality'
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/26/2009 Forum on SMOC suit set for Monday night
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/24/2009 SMOC, state at odds over shooting suspect
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/22/2009 Framingham selectmen question how suspected cop shooter ended up in town
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/20/2009 Framingham needs $350,000 more to fight SMOC suit
James T. Cuddy 04/17/2009 Decision on Sahr Josiah regrettable
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/17/2009 SMOC house where suspect lived no stranger to police
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 03/05/2009 Motions for summary judgment filed in SMOC lawsuit
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 02/07/2009 Judge blasts lawyers in SMOC case
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 02/05/2009 SMOC lawsuit hearing set for tomorrow
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 01/15/2009 Framingham, SMOC await discovery ruling
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 12/31/2008 SMOC drops land appeal of Framingham ZBA decision
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 12/31/2008 SMOC drops land court case
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 12/23/2008 Town wants SMOC case to move forward
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 12/13/2008 SMOC wants more depositions, asks for delay
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 12/06/2008 Inspector bolsters SMOC case against town
Scared Resident 12/01/2008 Scared Resident (anonymous)
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 11/20/2008 SMOC depositions to begin soon
Steve W. Orr 10/05/2008 Humiliating Loss for SMOC
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 09/30/2008 Judge dismisses many of SMOC suit's charges
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 09/30/2008 Judge drops town manager from SMOC case
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 09/13/2008 SMOC factors in state rep race
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 09/06/2008 SMOC to appeal land court's decision on Framingham HQ
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 09/05/2008 SMOC appeals headquarter move's rejection
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 08/13/2008 Framingham zoning board rejects SMOC move
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 08/12/2008 SMOC awaits zoning decision
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 07/31/2008 Federal judge weighs SMOC claims
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 07/30/2008 SMOC lawsuit in federal court today
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 06/25/2008 SMOC lawsuit bill reach $147,000
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 06/24/2008 More cash needed for SMOC legal battle
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 06/23/2008 Subpoena issued for SMOC-related correspondence
Tanya Perez-Brennan 06/22/2008 Vote to revisit spending on SMOC lawsuit
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 06/19/2008 Town denies man's request on SMOC legal spending
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 06/18/2008 SMOC officials argue for relocation in Framingham
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 06/07/2008 Lawyer: Conflict of interest in SMOC case possible
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 06/04/2008 SMOC, Framingham engage in new battle
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 05/10/2008 Petition calls for SMOC-Framingham mediation
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/30/2008 Framingham officials mum on details of SMOC lawsuit
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/29/2008 Framingham Town Meeting article seeks SMOC answers
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/19/2008 SMOC says town misled feds in attempt to get grant money
Peter Reuell 508-626-4428 04/15/2008 SMOC office aims to curb Framingham foreclosures
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 04/12/2008 Parolee spent half his life in prison, now volunteers for Salvation Army
Dan McDonald 508-626-4416 03/13/2008 Federal investigators to probe Framingham over SMOC case
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/27/2008 Minister suing SMOC over fundraiser
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/27/2008 SMOC group home building permit upheld
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/16/2008 Defendant files motion to dismiss SMOC charges
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/14/2008 Neighbors say officials ignores violations at Sage House in Framingham
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/13/2008 ZBA overrules building chief's denial of Larry's Place
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/12/2008 Framingham group aims to rebut PILOT Study report
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/10/2008 ZBA members vow suit won't affect their vote
Anna Badkhen 02/09/2008 A warehouse for the poor: Holyoke absorbs state's homeless
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/02/2008 Motions made to dismiss
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 02/01/2008 Funding for SMOC suit defense questioned
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/23/2008 SMOC defendants can ask 20 questions
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/23/2008 Framingham neighbors question Sage House's mission
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/23/2008 Deliberations on Framingham veterans home to begin next month
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/19/2008 SMOC suit expected to get expensive
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/18/2008 Are SMOC talks back on?
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/18/2008 SMOC drops Wolfe from lawsuit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/17/2008 SMOC suit defendant hires D.C. lawyer
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/17/2008 SMOC trial unlikely before 2010
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/16/2008 SMOC demands public records
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/12/2008 Costs of SMOC suit causes concern
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/11/2008 SMOC mediation scrapped
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/08/2008 SMOC to submit plan for future development
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/06/2008 Town counsel removes himself from SMOC suit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/06/2008 Officials hopeful about SMOC suit mediation
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/05/2008 SMOC waits for veterans facility approval
Erica Noonan   Boston Globe 01/03/2008 Residents hit back against SMOC suit
US court filings say agency would stifle free speech
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 01/03/2008 SMOC discrimination case defendants want case dismissed
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/20/2007 Lawyers in SMOC suit to meet
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/18/2007 SMOC lawyers say town moving too slow on documents
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/15/2007 Town lawyer steps away from SMOC suit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/14/2007 Lawyer asking for records tied to SMOC suit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/13/2007 Framingham officials hire lawyers for SMOC suit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/12/2007 SMOC says veterans shelter meets criteria
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/08/2007 SMOC suit becomes a battle over documents
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/07/2007 Lawyer: Mediation unlikely to succeed in SMOC lawsuit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/05/2007 SMOC, Framingham choose mediator for case
Kevin Looby 12/03/2007 No Compromising with a Bully
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/01/2007 SMOC questions town's commitment to mediation
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/29/2007 Lawyer calls allegations 'meritless'
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/29/2007 TM vote may be moot if suit goes to mediation
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/28/2007 Town Meeting approves money to fight SMOC suit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/27/2007 Town Meeting to decide how to pay for SMOC suit
Erica Noonan   Boston Globe 11/25/2007 A town's crisis of conscience Lawsuit hits Framingham's sense of community - and free speech
Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Clark, Framingham 11/25/2007 Opportunity in Framingham
John McCabe, Framingham 11/22/2007 An FYI to SMOC
Rob Haneisen 508-626-3882 11/21/2007 Stasik and Giombetti make it official
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/21/2007 Resident gains extension in SMOC lawsuit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/16/2007 Officials not worried about SMOC suit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/15/2007 SMOC, town may go to mediation for lawsuit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/14/2007 SMOC receives occupancy permit for Winter Street site
Frank Reilly, Framingham 11/12/2007 Rallying to defeat SMOC
Peter Reuell 508-626-4428 11/11/2007 SMOC: Suit was our last choice
Rick Holmes 11/11/2007 Civil rights or uncivil debate?
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/09/2007 Administrator must offer recommendation on SMOC permit
Rob Haneisen 508-626-3882 11/08/2007 Political ramifications part II
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/07/2007 Selectmen schedule special Town Meeting for Nov. 27
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/06/2007 GOP panel to hold public forum on SMOC lawsuit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/03/2007 Petition forces special town meeting to fight SMOC suit
Gloria Geller, Framingham 11/02/2007 Social services numbers
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/02/2007 SMOC house appeal postponed
Tanya Perez-Brennan 11/01/2007 A call to build town defense fund
Duncan Fuller, Framingham 11/01/2007 SMOC chose wrong option
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/01/2007 SMOC lawsuit likely to cost town $500,000
Rob Haneisen 508-626-3882 11/01/2007 Long term fallout from lawsuit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/31/2007 Town Meeting member calls for resignations over SMOC lawsuit
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/30/2007 Insurance association may help with SMOC lawsuit
David T. Robertson 10/30/2007 SMOC lawsuit is misguided
Kathy Uek 508-626-4419 10/30/2007 SMOC suit leaves no easy answers
Globe Editorial 10/29/2007 10/29/2007 Shut out in Framingham
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/28/2007 ACLU has concerns about SMOC lawsuit
James T. Cuddy 10/28/2007 Cuddy: Why SMOC sued in Framingham
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/26/2007 Past lawsuits against Framingham
Rob Haneisen 508-626-3882 10/26/2007 Who crossed the line?
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/26 2007 SMOC critics say suit won't deter them
Jonathan Saltzman 10/25/2007 Antipoverty group sues Framingham over rights
Says town targets disabled people
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/25/2007 SMOC sues town, local residents (2)
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/24/2007 SMOC sues town, local residents (1)
Rob Haneisen 10/05/2006 The ugly side of the Dover Amendment argument
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/05/2006 What is the best way to address the problem of homelessness?
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/05/2006 Memo: Shelter not protected by law
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 09/29/2006 Shelter change in the long term
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 09/28/2006 Wet shelter to close Oct. 16
Andrew J. Manuse 09/08/2006 Board disagrees on SMOC lot
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 08/25/2006 Wet shelter education in question
Peter Reuell 508-626-4428 08/23/2006 Shelter calls cops queries harassment
Lee Hammel Telegram & Gazette 08/14/2006 Ex-inmate housing under fire, SMOC success rate disputed, defended
Frances Rose, Framingham 07/31/2006 Holmes wrong
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/30/2006 Shelter will face a battle: Framingham selectmen
will back fight to close SMOC facility
Rick Holmes 07/16/2006 Homes for the homeless
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/16/2006 Services not wanted
Harold J. Wolfe 07/12/2006 Blumer shovels money to Desilets
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/14/2006 Position created to oversee social services
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/07/2006 Plan holds town hostage
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/05/2006 SMOC's contract handles housing
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/29/2006 Building boss says SMOC shielded by Dover Amendment
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/28/2006 SMOC shelter would be illegal without state protection
Donald Grose, Framingham 06/25/2006 SMOC should give something back
Frances Rose, Framingham 06/24/2006 More than enough
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/21/2006 Neighbors not convinced of SMOC plan
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/15/2006 SMOC to close its wet shelter
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/13/2006 SMOC battle will continue
Karen Spilka 06/11/2006 Senator takes on shelter critics
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/02/2006 SMOC nears 4-year deal for placing ex-convicts
Peter C.S. Adams 05/30/2006 Enough of a burden in Framingham
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 05/21/2006 Denied permit, agency files suit
The Boston Channel 05/15/2006 Agency Helps Place Sex Offenders After Prison Release
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 05/13/2006 Wayside charges Framingham with gross abuse of power
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 05/10/2006 TM: Stop new spending on social services
Rick Holmes, editor of MWDN 05/09/2006 Why should agencies give cash to town?
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 05/07/2006 PILOT program: Social agencies aren't required to give money to Framingham
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 04/28/2006 Town facing big legal bills
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 04/28/2006 PILOT report: Close wet shelter
Harold J. Wolfe, Framingham 04/07/2006 Bring On The Minority Report
Yaakov Cohn, Town Meeting member, Precinct 5, Framingham 03/28/2006 Discussion poisoned by politics
Liz Mineo 508-626-3825 03/27/2006 Immigrant advocates blast tough rules
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 03/24/2006 Social services report disputed
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 03/23/2006 Crime, social services link is questioned
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 03/21/2006 State officials call for SMOC investigation
Tyler B. Reed 508-626-4423 03/21/2006 Union rips executives on salaries
Tom O'Neil, Precinct 8 Framingham 03/13/2006 Town needs more information
Octvavio Filipe 03/12/2006 Protect residents from SMOC
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 03/09/2006 Social service agencies: We fill a critical need
Harold J. Wolfe, Framingham 02/24/2006 Health center would be a death blow
Richard Weader II, Framingham 02/24/2006 Social service problem is systemic
Laurie Lee, Framingham 02/23/2006 Murphy jumps gun on tax issue
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 02/19/2006 Nonprofit agencies draw fire: Framingham
candidates seek change in services’ treatment
Peter C.S. Adams 02/18/2006 We don't need health clinic
Enzo Rotatori 02/12/2005 Hearing stacked for SMOC
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 02/03/2006 Social service debate rages on
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 01/22/2006 SMOC to push changes
James T. Cuddy, SMOC 01/22/2006 SMOC official issues challenge to close homeless shelters
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 01/17/2006 5 teens arrested at Framingham Wayside facility
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 01/15/2006 Report tallies sharp growth in agencies hosted by town
Janet Leombruno 01/11/2006 SMOC contract tells story
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 01/09/2006 Chief wants sex offenders kept out of shelter
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 01/05/2006 Framingham Police survey puts eye on sex offenders
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 12/31/2005 SMOC has deal to place ex-cons: Only a few people served under pact with DOC have been placed in Framingham
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 12/16/2005 No Common Cold: Shelters are a restive reprieve from frigid temps
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 12/14/2005 Framingham selectmen move to avoid legal problems with PILOT works
Harold J. Wolfe, Framingham 12/12/2005 SMOC doors wide open
Dick Prince, Framingham 12/11/2005 Facts sidestepped by social services
Peter Reuell 508-626-4428 11/27/2005 Downtown Framingham defies crime stats
Peter Reuell 508-626-4428 11/26/2005 Crowded house at MCI-Framingham
Harold J. Wolfe, Framingham 11/25/2005 Follow the "shelter hoppers" and the interests at SMOC
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 11/24/2005 Social service study group blasted
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 11/23/2005 SMOC closes doors to outsiders
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 11/20/2005 Agencies angered by probe: Some question legality
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 11/17/2005 State OKs review of SMOC proposal
H. I. Silverman 11/16/2005 Town officials no match for SMOC
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 11/16/2005 Wet shelter draws from outside Framingham
Peter C.S. Adams 11/15/2005 Open Door
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 11/15/2005 Committee member may be reprimanded
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 11/15/2005 Shelter reforms leads to arrests
Carolyn N. Curtis 11/08/2005 SMOC communication lacking
Jack Prindiville 11/07/2005 Checking up on SMOC
Jim Eber, Worcester 11/04/2005 Truth lacking from SMOC
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 11/03/2005 SMOC says visit to wet shelter violated privacy
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 10/28/2005 SMOC could divide parcel
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 10/24/2005 SMOC plan may end up in court
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 10/20/2005 Construction company fined for nuisance
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 10/14/2005 SMOC lobbies to kill zoning bylaw
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 10/05/2005 Framingham one of state's top social service hosts
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 09/29/2005 Neighbors greet SMOC plan with questions, support
Harold J. Wolfe, Framingham 09/29/2005 Dependency is SMOC's lifeblood
Doreen Johnson 09/28/2005 Consider the alternative
Peter Reuell 508-626-4428 09/27/2005 Framingham wet shelter agrees to reform
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 09/25/2005 Shelter tightens tracking policies
Peter Reuell 508-626-4428 09/23/2005 SMOC agrees to revamp screening at Framingham shelter
Micelle McPhee 09/15/2005 State treating female addicts
behind bars, alongside inmates
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 09/15/2005 Sex offender count is up:
Police chief wants to know why
Norman Miller 508-626-3823 09/13/2005 Sex offender charged with purse snatching
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 09/13/2005 SMOC appeals permit denial
Gene Cassidy, Framingham 09/09/2005 Needed: Civility, not rhetoric
Theresa Freeman 508-626-3919 09/09/2005 SMOC to lead evacuee relief
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 09/07/2005 SMOC may file lawsuit
Peter C.S. Adams, Framingham 09/06/2005 Weigh the words carefully
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 09/04/2005 Agency chief sees town bias
But officials reject charge over permit
Rob Haneisen 09/02/2005 The social service mud fight continues
Karen Spilka 09/02/2005 The state's role in resolving
local social services debate
Enzo Rotatori 08/31/2004 Respect existing residents
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/31/2005 Photo of body not a threat, Rizoli says
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/30/2005 Social service opponents going too far?
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 08/18/2005 SMOC takes flak in Worcester, too
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/17/2005 Group home 'fears' faced
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/16/2005 Providers are waiting to see what comes out of meeting
Peter Reuell 508-626-4428 08/14/2005 Unhealthy situation
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 08/14/2005 Services agency draws ire as it grows
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/14/2005 SMOC asked for more details on Sage House
Jennifer Kavanaugh 508-626-4416 08/13/2005 SMOC buys 5-acre parcel from NStar
Dana McMaster 08/12/2005 Neighbors deserve a voice
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/10/2005 Social service panel is torn
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/09/2005 SMOC shot down, for now
Rick Holmes 08/08/2005 Common ground in Framingham
William J. LaBarge & Paula Correia, Framingham 08/07/2005 Framingham has done enough
Harold J. Wolfe, Framingham 08/07/2005 Social services burden taxpayers
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 08/07/2005 Review of social service agencies begins
Panel to examine costs, benefits of being host town
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 08/07/2005 All eyes now on SMOC
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/05/2005 Can social services be curbed?
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 08/04/2005 Sannicandro looks into limiting social services
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 08/04/2005 Dover Amendment projects must now face Planning Board
Lillian Cairney, Framingham 08/03/2005 No attempts to talk
Tom O'Neil, Framingham 08/03/2005 A zoning process subverted
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/30/2005 Anger's not the answer
D. Craig MacCormack 508-626-4429 07/28/2005 Voucher system 'out of control'
D. Craig MacCormack 07/23/2005 SMOC decries asbestos accusation
Linda Dunbrack, Framingham 07/29/2005 Investigate impact of services
Enzo Rotatori 07/12/2005 Framingham is Social Service Central
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 07/12/2005 Social service summit planned for tonight
Joan M. Eames, Framingham 07/10/2005 Honesty from SMOC needed
Harold J. Wolfe 07/08/2005 Is SMOC really a good neighbor?
Raj JHaveri 07/04/2005 Another Cost of SMOC
H. I. Silverman 06/30/2005 SMOC Invades Neighborhoods
Charles A. Zeigler 06/29/2005 SMOC is big business
Janice Skelley, Framingham 06/22/2005 Enough SMOC is enough
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 06/16/2005 Nonprofit official decries criticism
Lisa Kocian 508-820-4231 06/16/2005 Official defends nonprofits
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/03/2005 Group blasts SMOC's growth
David McLaughlin 508-626-4338 06/04/2005 SMOC buying Framingham nursing home
Rob Haneisen 11/01/2001 Tape of shelter misbehavior to be shown before hearing

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